Switched At Birth Season 1 Episode 4 - Dance Amongst Daggers

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Telling the story of 2 teenage women who discover they're deliberately selected as a newborn within the hospital. Gulf Kennish grew up in an exceedingly wealthy family with 2 oldsters and siblings, whereas Daphne Vasquez, who lost his hearing at an early age attributable to meningitis cases, grows with one mother in an exceedingly working-class neighborhood. Things came to a dramatic head when the 2 families meet and struggling to find out the way to live along for the ladies.

In Dance Amongst Daggers  Tensions still grow whereas Kathyrn hosts the annual college profit at the Kennish residence, where her new family becomes a spectacle for all of Mission Hills to gossip regarding. Toby and his friend Wilke's band are excited to perform at the profit, however they are in would like of a drummer - will Daphne's deaf friend Emmett very play the drums? because the night goes on, Daphne is faced with a heartbreaking call -- to settle on between a family she barely is aware of and an exciting new love interest who makes her feel that being deaf isn't a problem. 

Meanwhile, Melody and John seem to be establishing a bond throughout the profit. As rumors fly regarding the family's real state of affairs, Kathryn contains a tough time accepting her husband's new friend. creating matters worse, Regina accepts a dinner invite from the ex-husband of 1 of Kathyrn's best friends.